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Flight Systems and Control (FSC) is a research lab at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). We focus on the following research theme: to discover innovative flight control solutions for intelligent aerial systems (including unmanned aerial systems) and autonomous aviation applications.

Dr. Hugh H.T. Liu

Principal Investigator

our research

slung payload stabilization
eVTOL modelling and simulation
GNSS denied flight control
visual servo quadrotor control

our people

Our research team of bright minds has a passion for working on creative ideas, yet we stick to a systematic approach of realizing these ideas. We do this by developing the dynamic models (describing the aerial systems’ behaviour or aviation applications’ phenomenon) and custom building integrated control to achieve desired missions, supported by experimental proof-of-concept flight demonstrations.

our publications

We believe that flight control technology is an important component that is needed to increase intelligence and enable autonomy in aerial systems and aviation applications. We would like to make valuable contributions to that vision!

our club

Are you a high school student interested in engineering, robotics, or aerospace? Find out more about our Aerial Robotics Club, an academic research based club where students can tackle challenging aerospace problems and get hands on robotics experience with the guidance and supervision of our graduate students!

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