Joining ARC

Who is eligible?

High school students (Grade 10-12, preferably located in Canada and the US) who are interested in ARC, are proficient in English, and have an internet connection can apply. Other international students who can attend our online meetings regularly in the evenings, Eastern Time (GMT -04:00) may also apply. Because of the challenging nature of the club, applicants are expected to provide evidence of their academic proficiency and basic STEM knowledge. This may include the student’s recent GPA and their previous experience in robotics, programming, math and science clubs.

For in-person sessions, students with the capability to travel to Toronto, Ontario, Canada are invited to participate.

Admission process

Applicants will submit an application essay (link below), and any related supporting documents. The candidates will be selected and interviewed by ARC program managers. The purpose of the interview is to confirm that candidates have genuine interest in the subject, and that their basic knowledge in mathematics, science, robotics and/or programming are sufficient.

Please submit your application, together with all supporting documents to:

The 2024 application form is now available.

Download here:

Membership and Fellowship

  • Once admitted, junior researchers become the ARC members.
  • Upon successful completion of the junior research program, each ARC member will receive recognition affiliated with the University of Toronto, and receive the title of ARC Associate Fellow.
  • ARC Associate Fellows will enjoy continuous access to the ARC activities for 2 years after their program completion.
  • If any ARC Associate Fellow continues to study post-secondary education in a relevant field, and is willing to contribute to ARC, the ARC Associate Fellow may be promoted to become ARC Fellow and they will participate in ARC management and mentoring activities.


The club members can participate in our regular meetings remotely. All meetings and workshops will be conducted online, with the exception of the optional in-person sessions for Summer 2024. These sessions will occur primarily at our research lab located at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, 4925 Dufferin St, North York, ON M3H 5T6.

Most studies and work will also be conducted online. Teams may choose to work together in person, but this is not a requirement.

The club members have access to the affiliated University research labs during the junior research program, if deemed necessary.

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