2021 Spring/Summer Junior Research Program

The year is 2035. The municipality of Toronto has received federal permission for aerial passenger vehicles (flying cars) within the city boundaries after successful pilot projects have verified the technology’s capability and reliability. The city envisions an autonomous aerial vehicle network for public and private use that can ease downtown congestion and offer a new mode of quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation.

As a preliminary step to receive approval to operate these vehicles in Toronto airspace, the city is requesting flying car companies to provide design proposals that meet the following criteria:

  • Zero emissions
  • Minimum 1 hour cruise flight time
  • Minimum 4 hour ground transport capability

Students were tasked with developing a flying car that could travel between Toronto and nearby cities. Students presented a design capable of sustaining flight, vertical takeoff and landing, and the transport of up to four passengers. They also identified the performance capabilities of the vehicle, including range, payload capacity, and top speed. Club sessions were hosted weekly through Zoom.