News 2015

Great news on UAVs: An open data platform for improving Toronto transportation

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Congratulations to Marinela Popova, the quiet and modest girl in the exact middle of the following photo,  on her graduation from the flight systems and control lab, Oct. 9th, 2015.

The FSC participated field work at the Queen’s Biology Station (QUBS), July 14-18, 2015.

Group Event (2015-07-11)

Congratulations to Dr. Chen Gao (2015)

Nine Misconceptions About Drones That Engineers Wish You’d Shut Up About!

Congratulations to Marinela Popova and Yasir Malang for their interesting presentations at 62nd CASI Aeronautics Conference.

Professor Hugh Liu and his team received NSERC CREATE grant!

Additional media coverage may be found from the following links:

1.  Drone experts: U of T to train 150 grad students to fight forest fires, monitor crops, pipelines and railways with drones

2. Government of Canada supports university-industry collaborations to prepare science and engineering graduates for jobs

Professor Hugh Liu was named as one of Inventors of the Year, University of Toronto for his research work and technology transfer.

>>Additional media coverage may be found from “Three U of T engineers named Inventors of the Year“!

Congratulations to Zhongjie’s CJA publication on “Consensus based on learning game theory with a UAV rendezvous application”, Feb. 6th, 2015

Farewell to Wenfeng Jia, Feb. 5th, 2015