News 2017

FSC Lab farewells with Visiting PhD student Yueyang Hua (Nov. 2017)

Visiting PhD student Yueyang Hua from Beihang University has completed his one year visiting program successfully with the FSC Lab and has returned to China to continue his pursuit for his doctorial degree. Yueyang focuses his degree on Navigation, Guidance and Control. The FSC lab wish him all the best in his future. 

Members in the group picture (Click to Enlarge): 

Joshua, Yueyang, Flora, Yang, Yih Tang, Kelvin, Longhao, Silas, Kathi, Prof. Liu, Dr. Li and Qingrui.

FSC Students Excelled at Unmanned Canada Conference 2017 (Nov. 2017)

The 2017 Unmanned Canada Conference & Trade Show was held on November 1 to 3, 2017 in Toronto. The conference is closely aligned with the interests of FSC lab, which are UAVs and their control systems. FSC MAsc student Yih Tang Yeo presented his research on VTOL UAV in the poster presentation and Joshus Furtado presented his work on 3-D path planning for UAVsvia submitting paper and giving out presentation. 

Joshua achieved first prize for his paper in the student paper competition. The picture shows Joshua being presented his first-place award at the Unmanned Canada conference. 

FSC Lab congratulates our newest graduates at U of T Fall Convocation (Nov. 2017)

Dr. Zhongjie Lin and Jason King, our two accomplished FSC Lab members graduated at the Fall Convocation this year.

During their time with the FSC, Dr. Zhongjie Lin focused his Ph.D thesis on Multi-Agent Cooperation for Wildfire Monitoring, while Jason King completed his MASc thesis working on vision-based UAV landing onto a moving target.

The FSC lab congraluates on their success and wish them all the best.

In the convocation picture: Jason King (left), Professor Liu and Dr. Zhongjie Lin (right).  

Professor Liu sits as Co-Chair at WiSEE 2017 (Oct. 2017)

The 5th Annual IEEE International Conference on Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments (WISEE 2017) was held on October 10 to 12, 2017 at Concordia University, Montréal, QC, Canada. The conference focuses on the critical sensing and communication in extreme environments such as planetary surfaces, space vehicles, and space habitats

As the Technical Program Chair, Professor Liu organized and led the WiSEE technical program committee. The committee consists of 53 accomplished members from around the globe. The picture shows Professor Liu being presented a certification for his dedication to WiSEE2017. 

Professor Liu delivers Keynote presentation at the CDSR ’17  (Sep. 2017)

The 4th International Conference on Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics (CDSR ’17) invited Professor Liu as a keynote speaker to present his advancements in the UAV research field. The topic presented was “Very Flexible UAV Modeling, Control and Formation Flight”. 

FSC Lab welcomes new members joining the group (Sep. 2017)

FSC Lab adds 5 new students to begin the 2017-2018 school year. With the new additions, the lab group currently has an active list of 3 PhD candidates, 7 MASc candidates, 3 visiting students and 1 visiting scholar. 

Please visit our webpage for more detail on our current and past members. Click Here for: List of FSC Members 

Picture (Left to Right; Click to Enlarge): Blago, Jason, Longhao, Katy, Flora, Silas, Qingrui, Joshua, Kelvin, Yang, Dr. Li and Professor Liu.

FSC Lab Won the U of T Faculty of Engineering UnRED Presentation Award (Aug. 2017)

For this year’s U of T Undergraduate Research Engineering Day (UnRED) , Our summer student, Quinn Smith, has won best podium presentation in aerospace for his presentation on “Dynamic Path Planning of UAVs using a Markovian Bandit Framework”. 

The complete list of winners can be found here:

FSC Summer Fun Event at Archers Arena ! (Aug. 2017)

Archery Tag won the popular vote to be FSC lab annual Summer Fun Event. Rather than the usual shooting of research ideas, the lab members shot each other arrows in the fearless battle.

Afterwards, the group gathered for a sushi group lunch !

Top Picture (Left to Right): Qingrui, Zhongjie, Jason, Dr. Li, Adrian, Prof. Liu, Quinn, Eric, Kelvin and Longhao.

Bottom Picture (Left to Right): Longhao, Quinn, Adrian, Eric, Dr. Li, Qingrui, Zhongjie, , Prof. Liu, Jason and Kelvin.

CARRE International Research Symposium (Jun. 2017)

The highly-expected CARRE International Research Symposium has successfully concluded. The symposium was held over 2 days on the University of Toronto St. George Campus and the Centre of Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE) at UTIAS. As the chair of CARRE, Professor Liu would like to thank the Keynote speakers, the speakers, the industry partners, the professors, the staff, the volunteers, the participants and NSERC.

CARRE incorporates a comprehensive NSERC-funded program for the training of the next generation of engineers with experience in UAV design. The NSERC CREATE Program in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, managed under CARRE, was established in April 2015 with $1.65 million in funding from NSERC. For more information, visit CARRE’s website by clicking here.

Convocation Captured by FSC Drones (Jun. 2017)

In this summer’s U of T convocation, the FSC lab was contacted to provide aerial coverage for this wonderful event using, of course, drones. In the nice June weather, our flights were successful and the once-in-a-lifetime convocation ceremony was made even more memorable.  The online article interviewing Professor Liu and FSC student Jason King can be found on the University of Toronto News website by clicking here.

This picture is an actual image captured by FSC drone.

FSC Lab Farewells with Huiliao (Mar. 2017)

After spending 1 memorable year with the FSC lab, visiting student Huiliao Yang finishes her studies in UTIAS. As a fellow academic, she has made valuable contributions to the lab. As our fellow friend, she has given us nothing but joy and happiness.  As she returns to continue her PhD degree in NUAA, China, the FSC lab wish Huiliao all the best for her journey ahead.

Members in the group picture:

Huiliao Yang (Left 5), Professor Liu (Right 5).

Start from Left: Kelvin, Yih Tang, Qingrui, Joshua, Huiliao, Jason, Prof. Liu, Yueyang, Dr. Li, Zhongjie, Longhao.

FSC Lab Reunion with Alumni (Jan. 2017)

Previous FSC Lab members caught up with Professor Liu at the start of this new year.

Starting from the right are: Dr. Laurent Heirendt, Denys BohdanovAndrew LiuHenry Zhu and Professor Liu.